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Palo santo sacred wood
Palo santo sacred wood
Palo santo sacred wood
Palo santo sacred wood

Palo santo sacred wood

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Burning palo santo is an age-old tradition. Perhaps the most famous ritual is the ayahuasca, in which a tea made from plants from the tropical forests of the South American continent, provides a spiritual purification of body, mind and soul. When Palo Santo is burned, a sweet, warm scent is released.

Palo santo (also known as sacred wood) not only has a positive, calming effect on the mind, but is also said to have many uses physically. If you suffer from colds, flu, stress headaches or fears, Palo Santo can be very beneficial. Animals also experience a peace when they smell it.

How do I burn Palo Santo (also called sacred wood)?

Grab a piece of wood and hold a match or lighter by the end until it starts to burn. Let the wood burn until you see the core glow, then blow out the flame. Place the wood in a fireproof dish or in a nice shell. With the smoke, the scent of Palo Santo spreads through the room. You can also walk through a room yourself and spread the wonderful scent. You can do the same with Sage.

Did you know that Palo Santo wood may not just be collected, that is under strict supervision. And for every kilogram of wood sold, a new tree is planted.

You will receive 3 sticks of about 10 cm long and 1.5 cm thick.

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